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Factions and Fame
Topic Started: Jan 1 2016, 02:53 AM (1,016 Views)
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These factions help us classify what type of character you are roleplaying as. There are currently (and most likely permanently) four factions: Heroes, Villains, Hero killers/ Bounty Hunters, and Normies. Note that it is easy to switch from anything to a villain but officially switching from villain to any other faction takes a lot of work

  • Hero: These guys have devoted their whole life for the greater good. They’ll do anything to keep the Earth safe from evil without a second thought. Of course there are some who do it simply for the fame, power, or just can’t find out where else they can make a quick buck.

  • Villain: These guys are the scourge of the Earth. They act have no regard for the law and act as they see fit. Some of these guys see what they’re doing is for the better of the world but in the end under the eyes of the law these guys ill always be the targets of heroes.

  • Hero Killer/ Bounty Hunter: These guys do as their name suggests. They are basically the same just on opposite factions. Bounty Hunters side with the heroes as only the VIllains can obtain bounties whereas Hero Killers side with the Villains because, well, the Villains aren’t the Heroes.

  • Other: For those of you who don't fall under the the generic categories of good or evil, there is another. Being categorized as 'Other' means you are one of those who may be a overly temperamental and kill instead of subdue a perp. Quite possibly you are one who sends no tear and doesn't mind sparring a few innocence lives to save the many. This is a truly complex category for a character to fall in and certain is a crazy path to follow.

  • Normy: Of course there are those who simply could care less for the hero side or villain side. Some people were born with weak quirks while others take pleasure in other areas of life. These guys can be carpenters, business men, tailors, simple housewives, even a student at a regular school. They're normies.


As you progress as heroes and villains you’d naturally become more known to the world. Even though normies might have their own way of getting out there there is currently no system for it. This is how fame will be classified.

In this RP Characters are judged by their Fame. A character Fame level is determined based on their feats and accomplishments. The higher the level the more known a characters is. Don’t forget the more famous you are, the higher chance of your character being targeted by others.

At the end of each Storyline each character that participated, if appropriate, will gain “Fame Points”. Below is the list of Fame Points one must reach to bump up to the next Fame level.

  • E-Rank: 0 - Unknown Fame
    At E-rank you are practically non existent to NPC’s. You can tell them your name and affiliation but they’ll forget it shortly after, essentially meaning you don’t exist if nobody remembers you, right? Of course PC’s have the liberty of remembering your character if they like. Likewise, for any important NPC’s like the main antagonist of a SL or perhaps a pet, teacher, or even a NPC from your history like family members and close friends.

  • D-Rank: 15 - City Fame
    Grunts, mooks, and any other time of minor NPC are now capable of remembering your character’s name and affiliation. But even though they are able to, that doesn’t mean they’ll consider you a true Hero or Villain. They will see you as more of a potential henchman or side kick, just anything that isn’t a full fledge Hero/Villain.

  • C-Rank: 30 - Country Fame
    Here you are, your character is now a reliable hero or a threatening villain. NPC’s will no longer call for an actual hero to help them when you are around because you are indeed an actual hero now. Likewise for villains, NPC’s will run if you attack them instead of questioning whether you’re a legitimate villain they can ignore or not.

  • B-Rank: 60 - Continent Fame
    Hot damn, not only are you a full fledged member of your affiliation but you’re a recognizable one! If you show up crowds appear to gawk in stun at your existence. They will already know your name without even need to ask for it.

  • A-Rank: 120 - World Fame
    Whoa nelly, your character is so well known now that even entering a city is big news. No longer will you need to go somewhere to seek the attention you rightfully earned, people will come to you even when you don’t want them to. NPC’s claiming you as their idol won’t be a shocker anymore, it’ll be a daily thing. Statutes may be made for you in various locations. The same goes for villains, only wherever they go now is an alert if they act up. Heroes will have the right to invade your threads to try and take you down if they dare.

  • S-Rank: 240+ - Legendary Fame
    This is it, there is no more climbing, you’ve reached the top. You’re a legend now and no one can deny it. Even NPC’s made to spite you won’t be able to admit to your legacy.


Bounty is the value that the police puts on Criminals and Villains to incentivize characters to capture them. As such every reported bad action to the police by any kind of witnesses while have an amount assigned to the crook.

Bounty can also be given to Heroes whom Villainous Alliances wish to remove, no matter what the cost.
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